Why choose i-Tag Training

i-Tag is Australia’s trusted provider when it comes to custom and professional induction programs. We are devoted to offering workplace training easy and affordable. We have industry experts and professionals who design, develop, and delivers professional induction programs to be provided at your workplace or virtually. This is all done with our latest technology and high-quality resources.

Custom Design, Development, and Delivery of Induction Training Programs

Giving instructions and training to workers is important in having a successful business, i-Tag trainers and WHS advisors can help you in the creation of induction and affordable training programs. Both programs, whether face-to-face programs are customized to fit your needs, all this can be part of the continuous improvement for your business. Our trainers and WHS advisors will help you in all of your induction needs which includes the development, and management of online inductions programs that allow you to save the time and money of your business.

i-Tag aims to design, develop, and deliver professional induction programs. All of our programs are provided virtually or at your workplace. The training and assessments are all done with the guidance of our experienced trainers.

We assure you that i-Tag will work with your company from finish to end, to provide high-quality training and development courses that meet your requirements and needs.

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 Who We Are

i-Tag is a leading organization that offers registered training for Test & Tag throughout Australia, We also offer additional training in Three Phase, and Plug Replacement. We also commit in teaching first aid and fire safety courses to our customers.

We believe that in order to achieve your goals, you need to start by studying and learning, and we are here to support you all they way.

We Support You All The Way !!

*Conditions and licensing required in QLD

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