Fluffy Lion Pty Ltd Trading as i-Tag Training Terms and Conditions 


The following terms and conditions apply business conducted with Fluffy Lion Pty Ltd Trading as i-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844). Is available in the public doman at https://www.itag.net.au/terms-of-service-2.html and will be supplied upon request.

Course Fees

If an invoice is issued by I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) payment must be paid no later than 7 days following the date of issue.

Payment can be made EFT, credit card and/or any other pre-approved payment method.


Cancellations and  Refund Policy,

Notifications of cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or by contacting by I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) by telephone on 08-8351-0523.

More than 14 days prior to Course commencement

In the event of a cancellation I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) will refund the fees paid in full I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) is advised in writing of a cancellation more than 14 working days prior to the Course commencement date.

Less than 14 days prior to Course commencement

In the event of notification of a cancellation 14 working days or less before the Course commencement date fees paid will not be refunded or allocated to another Course. I-TAG Training cannot accept responsibility for changes to work commitments or personal circumstances within this 14 day period.

Transfers Policy

Requests for transfers to alternate courses can be arranged if by I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) is advised in writing by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting by I-TAG Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844) by telephone on 08-8351-0523. These requests must be made 14 or more working days prior to the course commencement date and is subject to availability on a future course. Transfers will attract an administration charge of $88.00 (incl. GST).

Non Attendance (No Show)

If a student fails to attend a program, course fees will not be refunded or allocated to another course.


I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule courses due to low enrolments or unforeseen circumstances. Where a fee refund is due to a student such a refund will be provided within 30 days.

The information provided by I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) reserves the right to change course fees, dates, content or facilitators at its discretion.

by I-TAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) reserves the right to record, via video and/or audio, learning sessions for quality assurance purposes and to support students.

Purchase Order Terms



By commencing performance of the Services or supply of the Goods, the Supplier accepts these Purchase Order Terms as the sole basis of the purchase to the exclusion of any terms or conditions of purchase in any document of the Supplier or prior agreements.


2.1 The Supplier must complete the performance of the Supplier’s Obligations by the Due Date or if no Due Date is specified, within a reasonable time of receiving the Purchase Order.
2.2 Unless advised otherwise by the Purchaser’s Representative, where any of the Supplier’s Obligations are to be performed on Site:
(a) the Supplier (and its relevant personnel) must attend a Site induction and bear its own costs associated with this induction;
(b) the Purchaser reserves the right to stop the work where there is any suspected or actual breach of safety or environmental aspects of the Purchaser’s Policies;
(c) prior to commencing work on Site, the Supplier must supply the following documentation for review and approval by the Purchaser’s Representative
(as applicable to the Goods and Services subject of the Purchase Order):
(i) portable electrical testing of equipment certification records;
(ii) risk assessments;
(iii) mobile plant certifications;
(iv) job safety analysis per task;
(v) occupational health, safety & environment policy;
(vi) quality assurance policy;
(vii) environmental management policy;
(viii) certificates of currency of insurance policies required under clause 13;
(ix) copies of manufacturer’s test certificates required under clause 17;
(x) copies of any documents required under clause 18; and
(xi) the Purchaser will provide the Supplier with reasonable access to the Site, to the extent necessary to perform the Supplier’s Obligations.
2.3 The Supplier must:
(a) perform the Supplier's Obligations in accordance with the Purchase Order Terms;

(b) supply all materials, including manuals and instruction booklets, required for the safe use and operation of the Goods and Services;
(c) securely package and transport the Goods to prevent damage in transit, storage and during subsequent distribution; and
(d) comply with the Purchaser’s Policies and with reasonable directions notified by the Purchaser.
2.4 Unless otherwise stated in the Purchase Order, the Goods must be supplied ‘free into store’ and ‘delivered duty paid’ for Goods delivered from overseas. The Supplier is responsible for payment of any postage, boxing, packing, handling or cartage charges.
2.5 Unless otherwise stated in the Purchase Order or agreed by the Purchaser, Delivery may only occur on a Business Day during normal business hours of (unless otherwise specified by the Purchaser) 8.30am and 4:00pm.

3. Warranties

3.1 The Supplier warrants that the Goods and Services will be:
(a) supplied with all the skill, care and diligence that would be expected from a qualified, competent and experienced supplier of goods and services similar to the Goods and Services;
(b) fit for purpose and free from defects;
(c) supplied in accordance with the description of the Goods and Services and the specifications in the Contract; and
(d) supplied and capable of being used in accordance with all applicable Laws, including relevant occupational health and safety legislation.
3.2 The Supplier warrants that it:
(a) holds all permits, licences, authorisations and accreditations required to perform its obligations under this Contract; and
(b) will comply with:
(i) all permits, licences, authorisations and accreditations referred to under clause 3.2(a); and
(ii) all applicable Laws, standards, specifications and procedures at all times when performing its obligations under this Contract.
3.3 The Supplier must, at its cost, repair, replace or otherwise make good any errors or defects in the Goods and Services notified to the Supplier during the twelve (12) month period following the latter of:
(a) the date of Delivery of the last of the Goods; and
(b) the date of completion of the all of the Services.

4. Payment

4.1 Subject to clause 10, the Purchaser must pay the Supplier the Price for Services performed and Goods Delivered in accordance with this Contract.
4.2 The Price is not subject to adjustment for any change in costs or any other adjustment other than in accordance with this Contract.
4.3 The Supplier’s claims for payment must be submitted to the Purchaser's Representative within 90 days, be based on the Price and in the form of a tax invoice in accordance with the GST Legislation.
4.4 Subject to the Supplier’s compliance with this clause 4, the Purchaser must pay the Supplier the Price specified in the relevant invoice within 30 days of the date on which a properly issued invoice is delivered to the Purchaser’s Representative, except where the Purchaser:
(a) exercises its right to withhold, retain or set off part of the Price; or
(b) disputes the tax invoice, in which case the Purchaser will pay the undisputed part of the invoice (if any) and withhold the balance pending resolution of the dispute.

4.5 Interest is payable by the Purchaser at the Interest Rate in respect of any portion of a valid invoice which remains due and unpaid. Interest will accrue daily on any due and unpaid amount from the date the properly issued tax invoice is due for payment until the unpaid and due amount is paid in full. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Contract, interest payable under this clause 4.5 is the Supplier’s sole entitlement to compensation for late payment of any portion of an invoice which remains due and unpaid.
4.6 The Purchaser may set off against any amount due and payable under this Contract to the Supplier, any amount due and payable to it under this Contract by the Supplier.
4.7 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Purchaser’s Representative, the Supplier is not entitled to reimbursement or payment for any other expenses in connection with the Contract.

5. Title and risk

5.1 Title in the Goods passes to the Purchaser upon the first to occur of Delivery of the Goods or payment by the Principal to the Supplier of any amount in respect of the Goods or Services.
5.2 Despite the transfer of ownership under clause 5.1, the responsibility for care and custody of the Goods, together with the risk of loss or damage to the Goods, remains with the Supplier until Delivery has occurred.
5.3 The Purchaser can reject any Goods which are damaged or do not comply with the Contract, in which case Delivery will not have occurred.

6. Security Interests

6.1 If the Purchaser determines that this Contract contains a security interest for the purposes of the PPSA, the Supplier will do anything (such as obtaining consents, producing documents, execution of documents and supplying information) which the Purchaser requests and considers necessary for the purposes of:
(a) ensuring that the security interest is enforceable, perfected and otherwise effective;
(b) enabling the Purchaser to apply for any registration, or give any notification, in connection with the security interest so that the security interest has the priority required by the Purchaser; and
(c) enabling the Purchaser to exercise rights in connection with the security interest.
6.2 Everything the Supplier is required to do under this clause 6 is at the Supplier's expense. The Supplier agrees to pay or reimburse any costs incurred by the Purchaser arising out of or in connection with anything the Supplier is required to do under this clause 6.
6.3 The Purchaser may, from time to time, grant security interests (whether by mortgage, charge or otherwise) over the Contract and its rights, interests and obligations under the Contract.
6.4 Nothing in this Contract causes the Purchaser to grant any security interest to the Supplier for the purposes of the PPSA in connection with the Contract or any of the Purchaser’s payment obligations under the Contract.

7. Indemnities

The Supplier must indemnify the Purchaser against any loss incurred by the Purchaser, arising out of or in connection with the performance of the Supplier's Obligations in respect of (a) physical loss of or damage to property; (b) personal injury, disease, illness or death; and (c) infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party, except to the extent that any such loss is caused by the Purchaser’s acts or omissions.

8. Variations

8.1 The Purchaser’s Representative may, by written notice, direct a variation and the Supplier must perform and be bound by any such variation.
8.2 The cost of each variation and any effect on the Due Date must be negotiated by the Parties before the Supplier performs such variation. In the absence of agreement, the Purchaser will make a reasonable valuation on the basis of comparable prices and will give the Supplier a reasonable extension to the Due Date where appropriate in the circumstances in the discretion of the Purchaser (acting reasonably).

9. Taxes

9.1 The Supplier must pay all taxes levied in relation to the Goods and Services.
9.2 All amounts referred to in this Contract are exclusive of GST unless otherwise specified. Where any taxable supply occurs in connection with this Contract, the Supplier may increase the amount payable for the Services and/or Goods by the amount of the applicable GST upon receipt of a tax invoice that complies with the GST Legislation.
9.3 Any reference to a calculation of any amount incurred by a Party must exclude the amount of any input tax credit entitlement of that Party in relation to the relevant amount. A Party will be assumed to have an entitlement to a full input tax credit unless it demonstrates otherwise prior to the date on which the amount must be paid.
9.4 Terms used in this clause 9 that are not defined in this Contract have the meaning given to them in the GST legislation.

10. Termination

10.1 The Purchaser may terminate this Contract at any time and for any reason by giving the Supplier no less than three Business Days’ prior notice.
10.2 Either Party may terminate this Contract at any time by notice to the other if an Insolvency Event occurs in respect of the other Party.
10.3 Termination of this Contract is without prejudice to and does not affect the accrued rights or remedies of either Party.
10.4 If the Contract is terminated by either Party, the Supplier must:
(a) stop work (except to the extent otherwise specified in the Purchaser’s termination notice);
(b) take such action as necessary, or as the Purchaser directs (acting reasonably), to ensure the protection of the Goods and preservation of the Purchaser’s property and/or personnel;
(c) take steps to minimise the costs of termination to both Parties; and
(d) Deliver to the Purchaser all Goods, and the product of the Services (including any relevant documentation), as have been supplied in part or in whole prior to the termination date.
10.5 If the Purchaser terminates the Contract, the Purchaser will only be liable for payment of Goods Delivered and Services performed up to the termination date including those actually supplied under clause 10.4(d).

11. Dispute Resolution

11.1 If there is a dispute between the Parties arising out of or in connection with this Contract, then within five Business Days of a Party notifying the other Party of that dispute, senior representatives from each Party must meet and use reasonable endeavours to resolve the dispute by negotiation.

11.2 If a Party has failed to notify the other Party of that dispute within 90 days of deliver of goods and/or services, it is considered the purchase order is completed and/or cancelled.

11.3 If the dispute between the Parties arising out of or in connection with this Contract is not resolved within five Business Days of notification of the dispute under clause 11.1, then within 90 days either Party may by written notice refer the dispute to mediation administered by the Resolution Institute (ACN 008 651 232;Level 2, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000) in accordance with the Resolution Institute Mediation Rules.

11.4 The mediator will be an independent person agreed between the parties from a panel suggested by the Chair of Resolution Institute or, failing agreement, a mediator will be appointed by the Chair of Resolution Institute.

11.5 The Parties must use all reasonable endeavours to resolve the dispute at mediation.

11.6 If the dispute is not resolved by or reffered for mediation within 90 days of (a)notification of the dispute under clause 11.1 (b) Delivery of goods, then parties agree to discontinue mediation, terminate the dispute resolution process undertaken to date and take no further action in relation to the dispute.

11.7 The Supplier must deliver a copy of any Notice or other documentation associated with the referral of a dispute to mediation or the commencement of court proceedings by Notice addressed to the Purchaser's General Counsel using the address of the Purchaser specified in the Purchase Order.

11.8 Nothing in this clause 11 prevents a Party seeking urgent injunctive relief from a court.

11.9 Despite the existence of a dispute, the Parties must continue to perform their respective obligations under this Contract except where the Contract has been terminated.

12. Notices

All Notices must be in writing and signed by the sender or a representative of the sender and delivered by registered post to the recipient's contact using the name and postal or email address stated in the Purchase Order. A Notice will be conclusively taken to be duly given when delivered to the recipient at the address stated in the Purchase Order.

13. Insurance

13.1 Subject to clause 13.2, the Supplier must take out and maintain:
(a) all insurances specified in the Purchase Order; and
(b) any other insurances which a prudent and competent Supplier of goods and services similar to the Goods and Services would maintain.
13.2 Unless agreed otherwise by the Purchaser’s Representative in writing, the Supplier must maintain at all times public liability insurance in the amount of at least $10 million per event.

14. Intellectual property

14.1 The Supplier:
(a) warrants that supply by it to, and use by the Purchaser of, the Goods and Services (including all materials and documentation supplied in connection with the Goods and Services) will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person; and
(b) grants to the Purchaser a perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, irrevocable licence to use any intellectual property of the Supplier (including all materials supplied in connection with the Goods and Services) to the extent necessary for the purposes contemplated by this Contract.
14.2 The Purchaser:(a) warrants that it and its Related Bodies Corporate will not use, reproduce, copy, record or disclose the intellectual property provided to it by the Supplier to the competitive disadvantage of the Supplier; and (b) warrants it will use the intellectual property provided to it by the Supplier for the purposes contemplated by this Contract.

15. Confidential Information

15.1 Subject to clause 15.2, each Party must ensure that it and its Related Bodies Corporate will not:
(a) disclose or use the Confidential Information of the other Party for a purpose other than those contemplated by this Contract;
(b) disclose the existence of or terms of this Contract; or
(c) disclose any information or documents supplied in connection with this Contract that are specifically indicated to be confidential and that are not in the public domain.
15.2 A Party may disclose any Confidential Information (including the existence and terms of this Contract):

(a) that ceases to be confidential other than due to a breach of clause 15.1;
(b) received from a third party provided that it was not acquired directly or indirectly by that third party as a result of a breach of clause 15.1;
(c) to a bona fide prospective purchaser, investor, joint venture participant or financier (or any of their respective advisors) in relation to that Party or its Related Body Corporate, provided that the recipient has first entered into confidentiality undertakings no less onerous than those contained with this Contract and the Party disclosing the Confidential Information remains responsible for ensuring that the confidentiality of the Confidential Information is preserved; or
(d) that is required to be disclosed by law (except any information of the kind referred to in section 275(1) of the PPSA) or any government or governmental body, authority, stock exchange rule or agency having authority over a Party or its Related Body Corporate.

16. Independent contractor

The relationship between the Purchaser and Supplier is that of a principal and an independent contractor. Nothing in this Contract will constitute or deem the Supplier to be an employee of the Purchaser, nor be construed as creating an employment, agency, partnership, joint venture or any other relationship between the Parties.

17. Test certificates

On request by the Purchaser, the Supplier must supply manufacturer’s test certificates in respect of the Goods. The supply of such requested certificates is a precondition to payment.

18. Chemicals and dangerous goods

18.1 All chemicals must have clear and durable labelling and be accompanied by a ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’ in WorkSafe standard format (MSDS)
unless advised to the contrary by the Purchaser’s Representative.
18.2 Without limiting clause 18.1, a ‘Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment’ and hard copy MSDS plus proposed quantities and storage location details must be
supplied to the Purchaser’s Representative prior to the relevant Goods being brought on Site.
18.3 All Goods must not contain asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, carcinogenic or mutagenic substances, refractory ceramic fibres or ozone depleting
substances (such as freon) unless prior written approval otherwise has been given by the Purchaser’s Representative.

19. Assignment

19.1 The Supplier must not assign or novate any of its rights and obligations under this Contract without the Purchaser's prior written consent.
19.2 The Purchaser may assign or novate any part or all of its rights and obligations under this Contract to:
(a) a Related Body Corporate or a holder of a security interest without the Supplier’s consent; or
(b) any other person with the Supplier’s written consent (which must not be unreasonably withheld).

20. Entire Agreement

The Contract sets out the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the rights and obligations associated with the Goods and Services. No modification of these Purchase Order Terms is effective unless agreed in writing by the Parties.


21.1 The Supplier acknowledges that it has been made aware of, and agrees not to act inconsistently with, the Principal’s commitments in the area of ethics and sustainable development.
21.2 The Supplier represents and warrants to the Purchaser that:
(a) for a period of six years immediately preceding the date of this Agreement it has complied with the Business Ethics Laws; and
(b) it will comply with the Business Ethics Laws at all times in relation to performing the Services and supplying the Goods.
21.3 In this clause 21, the Business Ethics Laws are the Laws applicable to the Supplier in relation to the following:
(a) fundamental human rights and in particular the prohibition of: (A) using child labour and any form of forced or compulsory labour; and (B) organising or supporting any form of discrimination amongst its employees or towards its suppliers and subcontractors;
(b) embargos, drugs and weapons trafficking, terrorism;
(c) trade, import and export licenses and customs;
(d) occupational health and safety;
(e) labour, immigration and prohibition of illegal work;
(f) environment protection;
(g) financial criminal offences, in particular corruption, fraud, theft, misuse of corporate funds, counterfeiting, forgery and the use of forgeries; and
(h) anti-money laundering; and
(i) regulation of competition.
21.4 The Supplier must:
(a) ensure that its employees, suppliers and subcontractors comply with this clause in connection with the Works; and
(b) immediately notify the Purchaser in writing of any and all violations of this clause, providing full details of each such violation.
21.5 If the Purchaser believes (acting reasonably) that any requirement of this clause 21 may have been breached, the Purchaser may require the Supplier to provide evidence that it has complied with and is currently in compliance with the requirements of this clause 21. If the Purchaser makes such a request for evidence of compliance, the Supplier must provide the Purchaser with reasonable evidence of such compliance. If, following the provision of such information by the Supplier, the Purchaser remains of the belief that a requirement of this clause 21 may have been breached, the Supplier must provide all reasonable assistance to facilitate the undertaking of any audit by an independent auditor appointed by the Purchaser to verify compliance with this clause 21.

21.6 Without limiting any other rights of the Purchaser under this Agreement, the Purchaser is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to terminate this Agreement in accordance with clause 10 if the Supplier is in breach of this clause 21.

22. Governing law

This Contract is governed by the laws of the state in which the Site is situated.

23. Definitions

In these Purchase Order Terms:
Business Day means Monday to Friday inclusive, but excludes public holidays in the State where the Site is located.

Confidential Information means any information relating to this Contract, or to the affairs of a Party or any Related Body Corporate of that Party that is disclosed in connection with this Contract.
Contract comprises the Purchase Order, these Purchase Order Terms and any other documents expressly incorporated by the Purchase Order.
Corporations Act means the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
Deliver, Delivery and Delivered mean, subject to clause 5, receipt of the Goods by the Purchaser at the Delivery Point.
Delivery Point means the place(s) specified in the Purchase Order where the Goods are to be delivered.
Due Date means the date(s) specified in the Purchase Order by which the Supplier must supply the Goods and/or perform the Services.
Goods means the goods specified in the Purchase Order or which the Supplier supplies in accordance with this Contract.
GST means the tax payable on taxable supplies under GST Legislation.
GST Legislation means the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth) including any related legislation that is enacted to impose, validate,
recapture or recoup such tax.
Insolvency Event means, with respect to a Party, that:
(a) it is insolvent within the meaning of section 95A of the Corporations Act;
(b) it is in receivership, in receivership and management, in liquidation, in provisional liquidation, under administration, wound up or has had a receiver, receiver and manager, controller (as defined in the Corporations Act) or similar officer appointed to any part of its property;
(c) except for the purpose of a solvent restructure, arrangement or amalgamation, an application or an order is made, proceedings are commenced, a resolution is passed or proposed in an notice of meeting, application is made to a court or other steps are taken for entering into an arrangement, compromise, moratorium or composition with, or assignment for the benefit of, its creditors or any class of them;
(d) it is taken, under section 459F(1) of the Corporations Act, to have failed to comply with a statutory demand;
(e) it is unable to pay its debts when they fall due or it stops, suspends or threatens to stop or suspend payment of all or a class of its debts; or
(f) it is subject to any event which, under the law of any relevant jurisdiction, has an analogous or equivalent effect to any of the events listed in paragraphs (a) to (f).
Interest Rate means the three (3) month Bank Bill Swap Rate (Bid) which can be found at www.afma.com.au/data/bbsw.html.
Law means any statute, ordinance, code, law, order, decree, circular, rule, regulation or stock exchange rule whether in effect now or in the future.
Notice means any notice, demand, consent or other communication given, made or received under this Contract.
Party and Parties means the Purchaser and Supplier, as relevant in the context.
PPSA means the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth).
Price means the price set out in the Purchase Order.
Purchase Order means the Purchase Order which references, and/or which is attached to, these Purchase Order Terms.
Purchaser means the entity specified in the Purchase Order.
Purchaser’s Policies means the policies of the Purchaser or its Related Body Corporate relevant to the Site and the Goods and Services (copies of which are available on request from the Purchaser).
Purchaser’s Representative means the individual identified on the Purchase Order to be the representative of the entity issuing the Purchase Order.
Related Body Corporate has the meaning defined in the Corporations Act and, in relation to the Purchaser, includes any partnership or joint venture controlled by the Purchaser and/or a Related Body Corporate of the Purchaser.
Services means the services specified in the Purchase Order and/or which the Supplier supplies in accordance with this Contract.
Site means the place(s) specified in the Purchase Order where the Goods are to be Delivered and/or Services are to be performed.

Supplier means the person named in the Purchase Order as the supplier of the Goods and/or Services.
Supplier’s Obligations means the obligation to perform Services or supply Goods by the Due Date in accordance with the Purchase Order and these Purchase Order Terms.
Taxes means any tax, levy, impost, charge or duty, other than a tax on the Purchaser’s net income, which is imposed by a government agency authorised to impose it, and any related interest, penalty, charge, fee or other amoun.t.

24. Interpretation

In these Purchase Order Terms, headings are for convenience only and the following rules apply unless the context requires otherwise:
(a) Mentioning anything after ‘includes’, ‘including’ or similar expressions does not limit what else might be included.
(b) A reference to a Party includes the Party's successors, permitted substitutes and permitted assigns.
(c) A reference to any legislation or legislative provision includes any statutory modification or re-enactment of, or legislative provision substituted for and
any subordinated legislation issued under, that legislation or legislative provision.
(d) A provision of this Contract must not be construed to the disadvantage of a Party merely because the provision is an exception or exemption for
the benefit of that Party.
(e) A reference to a right or obligation of any two or more persons comprising a single Party confers that right, or imposes that obligation, as the case may
be, on each of them severally and each two or more of them jointly. A reference to that Party is a reference to any of those persons separately.

Goods Delivery Policy

We will deliver to most Registered Business addresses within Australia,and will not deliver to international locations. We require a street address for delivery. Some remote locations cannot be serviced, however ITAG's (ABN 97 336 452 844) chosen carrier may  deliver to a location where you can collect your products.


The locations we can deliver to may change from time-to-time. Please call i-tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) for exact costing and availability to your location.

1. How and when we deliver

All deliveries are made 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday by a carrie chosen by I-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844). For orders placed before 4.00pm on a weekday, please allow from the confirmation of dispatch:

  • 3-5 working days for delivery to a capital city in any State;
  • 7-14 working days for delivery to most large regional towns; and
  • 7-14 working days for delivery to other remote locations.

During peak periods (Easter, Xmas or Event), the delivery may take up to 14 working days.

Please note that these delivery times are estimates only, and actual delivery times may vary.

Items may be delivered to you individually and/or separately by different couriers and transport agencies.

We are not responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. 

Cost of delivery

Delivery charges are calculated on a per order basis and according to the weight and size of your order, and your delivery address.

If you would like an estimate of your cost of delivery, put the item into your shopping cart to see your estimated delivery charge.
For exact Cost of delivery please call Itag Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844)

Acceptance of delivery

Deliveries must be signed for, and anyone at the delivery address who receives the products shall be presumed by Itag Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844) to be authorised to receive the products.

Please note that risk for loss or damaged product passes to the customer upon delivery of the product(s) by the courier.

Delivery Problems

If your delivery has not arrived, please contact Itag Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844). If you wish to return a product delivered damaged or otherwise, please contact Itag Training and Rentals

Refund, Returns and Repairs Policy

We recommend you read our Refund, Return and Repairs Policy prior to you making a purchase from i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844), so you are familiar with our policy on refunds, returns and repairs and your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

We also recommend you immediately inspect any goods that we deliver to you, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844).

1. Change of Mind

Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order.

2. Consumer Guarantees and Your Rights Under the Australian Consumer Law

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have guaranteed legal rights for goods and services you purchase. These are called consumer guarantees.

3. Goods Damaged in Transit

If any goods arrive damaged, please contact i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) as soon as possible. i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) will arrange to have the damaged goods returned to i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) and either arrange for a replacement of the goods or refund the price to you. Damaged goods must be returned in the condition received by you with all original packaging, accessories and/or manuals.

4. Refunds

Refunds will be processed by i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844) and will normally be processed within 3 days.

5. Returns and Repairs

5.1 You may return goods we have delivered to you by mail by contacting i-Tag Training (ABN 97 336 452 844).

5.2 Goods must be returned within a reasonable time. This timeframe may vary from product to product and may depend on the type of product you purchased and the price you paid.

5.3 Goods returned for repair will be assessed and/or repaired within a reasonable time. You may be provided with an indicative repair time, which time may vary due to reasons beyond ours or the repairer’s reasonable control, such as part availability and incorrect fault description.

5.4 You may be required to pay labour, assessment and/or freight fees, such as where goods are assessed to have been damaged by misuse or accident, or where your rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any manufacturer’s warranty do not apply. We may provide you with an indicative fee, which fee may vary due to reasons beyond our control.

5.6 If any goods that you return can retain user generated data such as files stored on a hard drive, the replacement or repair of the goods may result in loss of the data. In these circumstances, we recommend you back up data to prevent data loss, and remove sensitive or confidential data, as a party assessing and/or repairing your goods may be required to view data during carrying out the assessment. We will not be responsible for any data loss.

5.7 In some circumstances, goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods

Privacy Policy 

This Privacy policy covers how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information, including any financial information you provide to us (such as your credit card details). This policy applies to all personal information collected by ITAG Training (ABN 97 336 452 844), including personal information collected through our social media websites.


1. Collection of personal information

1.2 Personal information about you may be collected by us from you, your representative or a third party. We generally use forms, online portals and other electronic or paper correspondence to collect this information.

1.3 Information may be collected directly by us or by people or organisations acting on our behalf (e.g. contracted service providers). We may also obtain personal information collected by other Commonwealth agencies, State or Territory government bodies, or other organisations.

1.4 We collect and hold a broad range of personal information in records relating to:

employment and personnel matters for our staff and contractors (including security assessments);

the performance of our legislative and administrative functions;

the management of contracts and funding agreements;

the management of fraud and compliance investigations;

the management of audits (both internal and external);

complaints (including privacy complaints) made and feedback provided to us;

requests made to us under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth);

the provision of legal advice by internal and external lawyers.

1.5 We will not ask you for any personal information which we do not need. The Privacy Act requires that we should collect information for a purpose that is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, a function or activity of ours.

1.6 When we collect personal information, we are required under the Privacy Act to notify you of a number of matters. These include the purposes for which we collect the information, whether the collection is required or authorised by law and any person or body to whom we usually disclose the information. 

2. Privacy Photography

We recognise that is some circumstances there are sensitivities relating to taking photographs. This is particularly relevant to capturing images of children. We may, from time to time, wish to take photos of training activities we are conducting. We will always obtain permission from the participants and in the case of an external venue, the owner of the premises

3. Holding Student Assessments

As per ASQA's General Direction, I-Tag Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844) and Allen’s Training Pty Ltd.’s Policy. Student assessment records are only retained for 6 months unless required for licencing or other purposes. For this reason, any requests for assessment records older than 6 months may not be fulfilled.

4. Assessing Your Records

During the enrolment process, personal details of students are recorded (e.g. name and address) on an internal database. Students have access to personal records upon written request to the general manager. In all cases, I-Tag Training  (ABN 97 336 452 844) and Allen’s Training will require proof of identity to protect the privacy of all client information.

5. Security

We will take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold from misuse, loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

6. Data Quality

We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that personal information that we collect, use or disclosure is accurate, complete and up to date.

7. Use and Disclosure

Personal information will not be used or disclosed for a secondary purpose unless the individual has consented or a prescribed exception applies.

 Who We Are

i-Tag is a leading organization that offers registered training for Test & Tag throughout Australia, We also offer additional training in Three Phase, and Plug Replacement. We also commit in teaching first aid and fire safety courses to our customers.

We believe that in order to achieve your goals, you need to start by studying and learning, and we are here to support you all they way.

We Support You All The Way !!

*Conditions and licensing required in QLD

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