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Allens Training in conjunction with management of C&K have developed this specific non-accredited training course – ‘Manage Epilepsy in the Workplace’.

This course has been designed in support of C&K policies and procedures specifically for C&K staff prior to the commencement/enrolment of a child whom has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

As per C&K Quick Reference Guide SO:08.06 – Epilepsy and Seizures: “Ensure all educators complete epilepsy training. If administering Midazolam is part of the child’s medical management plan, training must incorporate how and when Midazolam is administered. A child cannot commence until training has been completed.”

The main topics covered in this session include:

Epilepsy Overview:

- C&K Specific Policies and Procedures

- About Epilepsy

- Seizure Types

- Triggers, Risks and Safety

First Aid and Emergencies for Epilepsy and Seizures:

- Following Policies and Procedures

- Debriefing, Reporting and Notifying

Medication and Drugs:

- Medications available

- Following C&K Policies and Procedures

- Staff responsibilities

Specific C&K Policies and Procedures:

- Quick Reference Guide SO:01.08.04 – Administering First Aid

- Procedure SO:01.08 – Administration of Medication

- Quick Reference Guide SO:08.06 – Epilepsy and Seizures

This session has been designed to assist C&K staff with the preparation for a new child to be enrolled and commence at their centre that has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

On completion you will receive a certificate of attendance:


$300 for up to 10 employees $30 for each student there after

Duration  3-4 Hours Face-to-Face On-SIte Training

 Your Workplace

What you will Receive  Certificate of Attendance
Previous knowledge No previous knowledge or background is required


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