We provide a dedicated three-hour course for testing a three-phase appliance. This course is for people who need to test 415V, three-phase appliances to AS/NZS 3760.

This course is for those who want to have a career and have a specialization in testing and tagging. 


Testing 3 phase appliances are more of specialization compared to testing single phase appliances.


Before taking this course, the completion of a nationally recognised Test and Tag course is required. We will also need your certificate of completion.

What you can learn

This course will provide you with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic knowledge of 3 phase
  • How to conduct 3 phase testing and tagging safely
  • The difference of 3 phase testing and single-phase testing
  • Knowing the right tools and adapters used in making the test’s cost-efficient
  • Testing methods for different appliances and scenarios

If you are planning to have a career in Testing & Tagging, this 3 Phase Testing course provides the specialization and more opportunity to charge higher for testing.

Delivery Method

This course takes 3 hours to finish and is conducted face-to-face.


In assessing your performance in this course there will be open-book theory questions, made-up discussions, and practical tasks.

Employment Pathways

This course is appropriate for those pursuing the test and tag business, and people who are pursuing a career as an assistant in maintenance, enterprise, and trade.



$180.00 +GST


1.5 Hours face-to-face eith pre-course study


6A/938 South Rd Edwardstown 5039

What you will Receive 

Certificate of Attendance

Previous knowledge

Completion of a Nationally recognised Test and Tag course


 Who We Are

i-Tag is a leading organization that offers registered training for Test & Tag throughout Australia, We also offer additional training in Three Phase, and Plug Replacement. We also commit in teaching first aid and fire safety courses to our customers.

We believe that in order to achieve your goals, you need to start by studying and learning, and we are here to support you all they way.

We Support You All The Way !!

*Conditions and licensing required in QLD

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